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VISOR UVIS - truck underside



We are proud to announce two major enhancements to our range of VISOR advanced technology Under Vehicle Imaging Systems.

  1.  All VISOR UVIS systems now use modular HD GigE cameras.  The images are even better: brighter and sharper.
  2. We have added a Flush installation model to the range.  The Flush models use the same multi-camera design and VisorSoft software as all of the other models in the VISOR range.  All of Flush models are fabricated from welded stainless steel.  The top surface is 25 mm thick and is VERY tough.  Everything is modular and can be accessed from the top - without removing the frame.

Visor Systems Ltd won Security Industry E Magazine's 2015 Vehicle Inspection Technology Specialist of the Year.
Also, visit http://issuu.com/simden/docs/transec_mag_2015/3?e=0/31417170 for more about VISOR.

VISOR - the advanced Under Vehicle Imaging System - UVIS.
We develop and manufacture the VISOR advanced under vehicle imaging / surveillance (UVIS) systems.  There are VISOR UVIS for temporary and fixed checkpointsVISOR's advanced technology displays complete, clear, colour underside images of vehicles ranging from cars to trucks and even trains.  These high quality images are the ones you need for effective inspection.  AND, it's fast - the image appears on the screen in about 1 second.  It's tough -  VISOR Survey Unit (VSU, camera units) can be driven over by trucks and are fully weatherproof.

Our customers use VISOR UVIS, advanced under vehicle imaging systems, to inspect all types of vehicles at frontiers, critical infra-structure sites, major events, VIP locations etc to help counter vehicle-borne threats. All VISOR UVIS are tough and they use advanced technology to display high quality, full underside colour images quickly - in about 1 second. The operator can view the full under-carriage image or use the 12x zoom for frame by frame detail. The images from each of the angled cameras provide important "see around” functionality.

Click here for information about a typical VISOR UVIS operation.

There are three ranges of VISOR UVIS: Standard, Compact and Rail.
There are eight models across these ranges and we can provide models in each range for portable requirements or fixed installations.

And we design and manufacture customised systems which use our advanced imaging software and technology to scan and display the whole of the outside surface of vehicles.

VISOR Standard

  The VISOR Standard range of UVIS, under vehicle inspection systems all use the 5 colour digital - GigE - cameras to scan the underside.  They all use the same VisorSoft software to stitch and manage the images.  And, they are all very robust, weatherproof  and simple to use. READ MORE

VISOR Compact

The VISOR range of Compact under vehicle imaging system is suitable for all small vehicles - typically cars and vans. All of the Compact VISOR UVIS have 3 digital - GigE - cameras to scan the underside of the vehicles.  They all use the same VisorSoft software with its intuitive operator interface and are easy to use and install. READ MORE


The VISOR Rail range of UVIS has been designed for scanning rail rolling stock and complete trains.  The range includes portable, static and gantry models.  They all use the same digital colour cameras- GigE - and the same easy to use VisorSoft software to capture and display the image for inspection. READ MORE

Custom systems

The VISOR hardware and software can be customised, for example, to scan all of the external surfaces of complete vehicles - cars, vans, buses, trucks and even trains.  The VisorSoft software is extendable to stitching many cameras.  As with the Standard, Compact and Rail ranges, our Custom designed systems ensure the highest quality images by using use colour digital cameras - GigE - and high CRi LED lighting. READ MORE